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Principal Broker

Leann Bennett

“A Professional in YOUR neck of the Woods”

Born and raised on a farm in Oregon. As a second generation Oregonian I grew up with a great love of the land and all that Oregon has to offer. After high school, I graduated with a degree in Aviation and Business Management. At 17, I migrated to Australia to become a bush pilot. During my seven years in Australia I bought land and built and designed my first home. From digging the foundation to finishing the hardwood floors and securing the roofing I was a hands on builder. This gave me in depth knowledge of construction that has proved invaluable. I also worked as a professional painter for the County government during this time.

I migrated back to the US and immediately got my real estate license. After three years experience I became Principal Broker of Metro-West Realty, where I managed two offices and up to 18 agents.

After 29 years in Real estate I’ve sold office buildings, equestrian farms, apartment complexes, gas stations, condo projects, subdivisions, estate homes, vineyard properties, lake and river front homes, aviation properties, investment properties, industrial buildings, commercial leases, foreclosed and short homes and homes in urban neighborhoods. I have received awards for the top 1% of Agents in the US and have sold over 20 million in volume in just the past 3 years, (in a down market!). I utilize all my skills to successfully market, negotiate and close all real estate transactions.

Today my hobbies include an extensive organic veggie and fruit garden, cooking, horseback riding, hiking/biking, snow/water skiing, surfing, golf, tennis, travel, interior design, reading, foreign language and charity work. I currently sit on two boards; a Bio-Tech firm, and am President of Friends of Parrett Mtn.

Lucky me, as I have a wonderful husband and three terrific kids.

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